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ZENdurance Ladakh is a run along the beautiful landscapes of the region. Here’s a peek at the course that we will be taking for each of the races:

10K / 21K /42K - Route

100K - Route

Aid Stations
The 10K course will have 3 aid stations. Each station will be stocked with water, Gatorade, oranges, chikkies and medical kit. 21K will have aid stations every 3km. And for 100k, there will be an aid station every 5 to 10km

Finish Line Medical Tent
The finish line medical tent will be staffed by accredited & knowledgeable physician, licensed nurses and paramedics who are trained to provide all race participants with excellent care on site. The medical tent is and supplied to treat common running related injuries and illness, and to begin stabilization procedures for more severe problems. Any race participant who requests assistance will be evaluated in the medical tent and treated based on event protocols for athlete medical care. The medical team may authorize transportation to a nearby hospital in case of serious injury or illness, but will likely be able to manage any medical need an athlete will have including stitches, splints for injury, and bandages.